Watch your favorite K-POP artistsRight in front
of your eyes

VR video content
8K 3D VR
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Zero motion
K-POP artists
right in front of you
Eye contact

With content produced without distortion through our patented 3D VR close-up photography technique andstereoscopic correction, you can see the artist in front of your eyes more vividly and without any dizziness.

VENTA X Original


This is a new genre created by VENTA X with the high-quality 3D VR
that are produced with cinematic storytelling and musical performances.


K-pop artist VR content

Experience various broadcast contents such as SBS M 'THE SHOW' stages,
'The Travelog' travel variety show, MBC 'it's Live' band performances in 8K 3D VR versions!
New content is uploaded every week.

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Read what our fans say

The sole reason I use Meta. This app is indicating the direction VR should move forward in the future. The only reason I turn on my Meta device that I've invested in.

Watching the video through Venta X is very lively and you can see angles that you can't see on a normal screen, which is really fascinating. KPOP that meets VR was another attraction. The experience of eye contact with your favorite artist is really thrilling.

This is a great VR experience for anybody who's into K-Pop. The quality of the video is excellent (8K) and everything is well-shot. It's easy to navigate the app and so far, I've had no problems streaming videos from the US. (Of course, as a diehard Insomnia, the huge Dreamcatcher concert is a must) Great stuff, and I look forward to watching the app continue to grow!

I don't know how many times I've seen this concert. I had an amazing experience where my favorite member made eye contact with me and danced. It felt like I was a camera director on stage. I was very dizzy when I watched a similar VR video before, but I lost track of time because there was no dizziness and the screen change was fun. Best content to buy and watch VR. I'm looking forward to other concert videos!

A K-pop singer looks at me and performs in front of my eyes. It's such a new experience. And it's really high definition, but it's streaming very well. You're going to keep posting content, right? Thank you so much! Oh and this app should be in the quest store, not the app lab!

The only broadcast studio level video for VR! No matter how you interested in K-Pop or not, have to try it You will understand what I mean

It's so amazing and the singers in the video are so pretty. The video is also very interesting and fun. Even if you are not a fan of this singer, it would be nice to see it at least once. My family seems to have come to like this group after watching this video together. When will the next video come out? I'm so looking forward to it.


Good stages. Just a comment. The other videos of The Show are amazing quality, I think a lot of good reviews on the Meta Store are related to those videos as they are too good. Those of U+ Dive are appreciated, the quality is similar but slightly lower. It's not just the quality, it seems like the recent videos from The Show were recorded to look good in VR. In any case, I will continue to support your platform since the effort you put in is much bigger than we can see. Thanks.


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