[ENG] VENTA X VER 2.0 Update
Notice2023. 10. 17


This is VENTA X.


We are excited to announce a new 2.0 update to enhance your experience and address any inconveniences you may have encountered with VENTA X.

Below, you will find details of the new features and changes in this version.




· Content Search Function:

 - You can now search for content by title and artist.


· Content Sorting Function:

 - Sort content by the latest additions, popular content, and artist names (in alphabetical order).


· Content Favorites (Like) Function:

 - Save your favorite content by clicking the ☆ icon in the top right corner of the content.


· Content Resolution Selection Function:

 - When playing content, you can now directly choose between 8K and 4K resolutions in the player.


· My Content Menu:

 - Categorically view the content you have watched.

 - Watched, Purchased, Downloads, Liked

   * Payment history can be checked in your MetaQuest account.

   * View and delete your viewing history and downloaded content in the My Content menu.


· Mid-Download Saving:

 - You can now save content that is in the process of downloading and resume the download later.


· Integration with VENTA X Website for Member Information:

 - For your convenience, you can easily register and update your member information on





· HOME Screen UI Update:

 - The home screen now includes recommended content, new content notifications, and a "3D VR Preview" option for non-logged-in users.

 - New top-right tabs for Notification, My Content, and Account (linked to the VENTA X website) have been added.

 - A Help tab in the top left corner, with controller tutorials and guides, is planned for an update in October.


· Controller Input User Experience Improvement:

 - Improved controller button input for In-App and VR players.

 - In-App : Added controller haptic feedback.

 - VR Playe r: Modified button assignments for selection, scrolling, fast forward, and rewind (5 seconds).

                * Please refer to the tutorial that pops up on the first app launch for guidance.


· K-POP Series Content Classification:

 - K-POP Series content is now categorized by content types (Native 8K, Upscaling 8K) for user convenience.




If you encounter any issues or have feedback while using the app, please feel free to contact us at or through the Contact feature on the VENTA X website.


Thank you,



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